Lavender For Self Care: How To Incorporate This Therapeutic Plant

Jul 19, 2022 | Products, Tips & Tricks

6 Ways To Make Lavender A Part of Your Self Care Routine

Self-care is not a fad, but sometimes it comes off as a chore, when it really should be a natural part of your day.

Self-care encompasses anything that keeps you mentally and physically aware of your being.

One could say self-care is self-awareness – minding the mind, watching the body, experiencing life fully.

And that’s actually way easier to do, because you just have to be.

You may have experienced peak self-awareness moments while digging into a good book, sipping an especially rich cup of cocoa. Maybe it’s that time when after a hot evening bath, you slather your skin with an aromatic lavender balm.

Self-care is that one thing which helps you be alright with everything and every one.

While activities or non-activities can be linked to self care, several are a part of nature. So, it’s quite natural then that those who want to infuse a bit of peace and calm in their lives turn to lavender. A go-to self-care herb; helping heal your body and mind.

This healing plant grown today in California, has its roots 2500 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used it as a perfume and it also played a role in the mummification process.

Its unique floral, herbal and earthy fragrance and incredible taste are admired by many.

Today lavender is predominantly used for its positive effects on mood, stress relief, controlling anxiety, and helping overcome depression.

If you’re looking for new ways to enliven your self care routine; lavender can be your friend.

1. Set Up a Mindful Breathing Corner

Lavender is famous for its stress-relieving effect and for promoting an undisturbed sleep pattern. Its properties for de-stressing the mind have been used in many mindfulness practices.

You can also infuse lavender into your everyday well-being by decorating a breathing corner with lavender flowers (dried or fresh).

You can practice breathing exercises around your mindfulness corner and let this magical plant execute its wonder.

Hold the lavender close to your face and inhale.
Perform it for a few seconds to soak in the aroma of the flowers and gently exhale.

2. Using Lavender Body Scrubs

Another way you can incorporate this calming herb is through homemade body scrubs. Self-care with lavender is a luxury that is not high cost, yet leaves the skin and mind feeling nourished.

You can give your body a soothing experience with lavender body scrubs crafted from ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee granules, and clay.

Add in the goodness of lavender flowers. Make a watery consistency and muddle the flowers to release essential oils. Let the mix sit for a few hours. Later rub it on the skin with a carrier oil to replenish the skin cells.

3. Lavender Hand and Foot Balm

If you have rough skin around your body or calluses on your feet, you need self-care to combat its existence. And what’s better than a nourishing lavender hand and foot balm that nourishes and soothes cracked hands and feet.

Infused with lavender scents for relaxing and calming your mind while moisturizing the skin. You can trust this hand and foot lavender balm, which is extraordinarily non-greasy and melts into the skin without leaving it sticky or greasy. It is gently crafted with nature’s best offerings, like organic sunflower oil, shea butter, babassu, hemp, and jojoba oil. The good news, it is excellent for sensitive skin with the infusion of natural oils and arrowroot powder.

Lavender balm benefits are countless to destress your mind and nourish your skin.

It promotes a good night’s sleep if slathered nicely after a long day, just before bedtime.

Regular application of lavender cream improves skin health around the hand and foot with the presence of multiple natural and organic ingredients.

4. Try Cocktail Aromatherapy

Experts today share that you should devote at least an hour a day to relaxation.

You can always unwind with a flavorful hot lavender tea. But, have you hit up the local bar and indulged in a bit of cocktail aromatherapy for a sophisticated rendezvous?

The stress-relieving properties of culinary lavender, combined with a citrusy punch and a spirit, concoct well.

Encourage spending time alone or with your loved ones by indulging in this cocktail aromatherapy.

Just before you sip, inhale the fresh fragrance of the botanicals to relish fully!

5. Good Old Diffuser

The lavender essential oil in a diffuser is perfect to call it a day. It has a potent scent that uplifts the mood and mindset.

Popping in the lavender diffuser suits your work mode or self-care too.

A good book and a lavender diffuser by your side are the ultimate self-care you should do more often.

6. Deep Sleep with Lavender Pillows

The lavender scent is scientifically proven to slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure levels and transfer you to a state of peace. And to sleep like a baby, nothing can work wonders like dreamy lavender pillows can.

When you lay down on the bed, lavender reduces your anxiety, quiets the racing thoughts, and relaxes your body. You can also keep dried lavender flower buds beside your nightstand that perfumes the aura in the bedroom. You can also put lavender buds in the pillow or eye mask and sew them up.

Several studies have claimed that lavender is proven to beat insomnia and promote good sleep. Also, there are a bunch of clinical trials on lavender for anxiety, but, indeed, lavender has anti-anxiety benefits.

Lavender has been used in aromatherapy down the ages and for healing and cooking. With its popular scent, this evergreen plant helps relax specific muscles and is loaded with antifungal and antibacterial effects.

On days when stress keeps looming, you can give a much-needed pick-me-up through lavender and use it in any form.

As now you know, lavender is more than a vibrant plant.

It is packed with a pleasant aroma and treats a variety of ailments. The most hassle-free, readily available is a lavender balm that deeply distresses you while nourishing your hand and foot areas.

If you have not infused lavender into your everyday regimen, you need to do it right now, and you will be in awe for life!

And remember, self-care is no more an occasional treat. It is the investment you need to fill your cup each day.