Local Monterey Businesses Join Forces for Seasonal Ice Cream Flavor

Sep 18, 2023 | News

Local Monterey Businesses Join Forces for Seasonal Ice Cream Flavor

Lavender Creek, a lavender farm, and wellness brand that enhances everyday life with lavender’s relaxing properties, has teamed up with Revival Ice Cream and the Carmel Honey Company to create a seasonal Honey & Lavender Ice Cream flavor offered at Revival Ice Cream on Alvarado St. in Monterey, CA.

Sweet Collaboration

The new flavor merges the finest local honey from Carmel Honey Company, sustainably grown lavender from Lavender Creek Company, and the artisan craftsmanship of Revival Ice Cream. Revival Ice Cream steeps the sweet honey and ingredients in lavender overnight then adds more lavender during the churning process to ensure rich floral flavor.

Social Missions

Each of these three companies brings its unique social mission to Monterey County:

Carmel Honey Company is dedicated to promoting pollinators, recognizing their crucial role in our ecosystem. What started as a 5th-grade homework assignment has blossomed into a thriving business. Today, Jake, the founder, shares his knowledge of honeybees with classrooms and the community. The company’s pure, natural honey reflects their commitment to sustainable beekeeping and environmental stewardship.

Revival Ice Cream is on a mission to provide delicious ice cream that consumers can feel great about eating. Their small-batch, organic ice cream is crafted with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. They prioritize ethical treatment of cows, using organic, California dairy from cows that graze freely and are never exposed to hormones or antibiotics. This commitment extends to their vegan options, too.

Lavender Creek Company seeks to harness the soothing health benefits of lavender while ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Their culinary English lavender farm features 4,000 plants grown on Carmel Valley Road. Their farm is 100% powered by a solar and gravity, showcasing their dedication to eco-conscious farming. Their products range from raw culinary lavender to wellness products, offering natural, soothing solutions for consumers.

How Does Lavender Taste?

Lavender is often described as having a floral, slightly sweet, and herbaceous flavor. It imparts a delicate, aromatic quality to dishes and beverages. The taste of lavender is like a blend of floral notes, with hints of mint and rosemary, and a subtle earthiness. When used in cooking and baking, it can add a unique and sophisticated twist, creating a sense of calm and elegance in the flavor profile.

Want to try the new Honey & Lavender Ice Cream flavor? Stop by Revival Ice Cream:
463 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA 93940