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Lavender Creek Co. is a family-run lavender farm and brand of soothing lavender products. Our story started when two California natives, Myriah and Ryan, met in Los Angeles. They both had career office jobs but dreamed of leaving the city and starting a farm and family business. That said, a few years later they were married, pregnant with their first, and had purchased a beautiful old creekside ranch in Monterey County’s scenic wine country! Today, their mission is to grow delicious fragrant fields of lavender and create naturally healthful products that soothe and enhance peoples’ lives.

Our Story is a Love Story
Our Story is a Love Story
Our Story is a Love Story



Myriah and Ryan’s interest in lavender started originally with Myriah’s fascination with essential oils. Ryan loved to listen to Myriah talk about the properties and the history of all the many oils. So, when the idea to make dried lavender boutonnieres and handmade lavender soap for their wedding came up, they were both excited to get hands-on! Through this experience, and a little research, they learned that lavender was the perfect drought-resistant plant to grow in California. The little lavender seedlings in their hearts had sprouted and they set out to launch Lavender Creek Co!


Using ingredients that were natural, clean, organic, healthy, sustainable and environment-friendly were important details to Ryan and Myriah. They wanted to be sure their ingredients were not harmful to people, and safe for animals, plants, and the planet. They also wanted ingredients full of health benefits. Ingredients they would use on their own growing family!

Our Story is a Love Story

Today, they are partnered with suppliers who care about their ingredients and are completely free of all GMO’s, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, and petroleum.